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Okay, it's obvious to me that this bunch or *** have NOTHING to do with the REAL Book Of the Month Club, nothing at all. These scumbags tried to rip me off the very first (and last) time I had dealings with them.

As soon as I posted my credit card information on that site, I was LOCKED OUT of it (to prevent my retracting my info) and a purchase was made! This, after offering the "First Book Free" and posing as part of an established retailer.

Stay away from these bastards, as they're underhanded, greedy, unprofessional and absolute muthas!!!!!!

Remember, Book of the Month Club 2!!!!!!!! Once you see that 2 at the end of the name run like *** and be sure to tell everyone else you know. These Nazi bastards will take the teeth out of your mouth for the little bit of silver there, sons of ***'s that they are!

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Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #798698

I became a member for BOMC 2 on 12/29/13. I have yet to receive my introductory shipment.

When I sent an inquiry on their website I received via email a response that said they couldn't give me any information on the status of my order. I waited a few more weeks and sent an email to customer service who responded by saying that they were still trying to establish my account in their new system and to give it 2-3 weeks. It has been 4 weeks and still no books. However, they have no problem sending me featured selections.

This is ridiculous.

I have sent another email, but I honestly expect a similar "be patient" response. I am really disappointed as I was a member years ago and never had an issue.

Smithville, Missouri, United States #795282

I've been a member of Book of The Month Club 2 for years and I've not had a problem! I'm disabled and as a result I can no longer get out there and shop for books.

With BOMC2 I get great deals and never have to pay shipping!

I love it! :)


I've had great service from them for almost two years now, and have loved every book I've received from them. Unfortunately they recently felt a need to re-vamp their website, and in the process, my entire book list of over 20 books disappeared, all of my account info is gone, except of course my card info that allows them to charge me the $10 without sending me a book or letting me know what the charge is for.

They don't list a customer service phone number now - just an email address, so I sent an email requesting information about the charge and inquiring if I will be getting my book list and account info reinstated, and got back a patronizing "We're so sorry for your inconvenience, thank you for your patience" email that didn't answer my questions and made it apparent my email had not been fully read. A second inquiry resulted in the same, and prompted me to request that my issue be addressed by a supervisor or manager and a week later has received no response.

Depending on how my issue is resolved, I do believe I will be cancelling my account with them once it is determined where my money went. Quite disappointing.

Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States #697214

They do have problems with logins to their website, but I've never had problems with them. They did send me a wrong book once, but, once I brought it to their attention, they sent me a new book, and told me to keep the other one at no charge.

I greatly appreciate a much lower cost for new books, and they have them.

I think you are exaggerating. No company is perfect.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #692701

BOMC2 is the best Book Club Out there! It offers a huge selection of books, including new releases, at a low fee of under $10.00 with no shipping and handling fees.

I have been with them for many years, back when they were Zooba, and have NEVER had a problem. I have probably ordered a hundred books or more! I have a very low discretionary income and this is my one guilty pleasure every month!

Thank you for being there!!!

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #691188

I have never had a problem with these guys. I have been a member of this for over a year now and have never had any problems.

I love this and I think that it offers the best deals out there because you get the newest books for only $10. So don't listen to this person.

Farragut, Tennessee, United States #687629

Never had a problem, Ive now ordered a total of 12 books and received my first book free. Not Sure what your problem is.

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